A Gratitude List

Suzanne D – Congratulations, Anita! A position in your field that you are trained for and in a special place! But does this mean you will have to move or will you commute? So I am both sad and happy for you at the same time.

Susan S – Congratulations, this is fantastic news!

Mary M – Thanks so much for sharing this good news!

Dorothy S – Have you moved to Louisville?

Doug G – I just wanted to send a note of congratulations to you on this new appointment. I served in that role from 2005 to 2012 and found it to be a very rewarding experience.

Rachel H – this is great news! Congratulations! Louisville Seminary is very fortunate and wise to have hired you. You will bring wonderful resources and insights to your work there, I’m sure.

Kathy L – Wow! Great news! Congrats! Yahoo!  😊 Sad to have you leaving the area though. ☹

BJ S – Wow! Are you moving or is this local/remote? They are lucky!

Linda S – Very pleased to see this. I hope it proves to be a rewarding opportunity for you.

Linda C – Congratulations, Anita!What a surprise to lean you have moved East. Blessings to you and your family,

Forrest C – Congratulations, Anita! That’s an exciting change. Louisville is a long way off from Orange County. But it sounds like the chance to put your professional skills to work and in service to the Church. Glad it’s happened. We’ll miss you.

Janet W – I am so excited for you !They are so lucky to have you

H H – Congratulations! I love your saying “faith and profession reconciled in this divine call”. I deeply believe that you will be glorious in the new position.

E J – Congratulations, Anita! I’m guessing you’re no longer in Irvine?

A S – Hallelujah! Amen! You are on your way, Anita! So proud of your accomplishments!! You are the best and will help them in ways you don’t even know now, but God knows your deep faith, compassion, commitment to do your very best and more. God has a plan for you and this is your next chapter. Amen I say Amen!!!
You go, girl. This is beautiful. You see, no experience goes unused. It only builds for the next. What an opportunity this is to transition to the next chapter of your marvelous journey. … Love you and congratulations again. Yes, you have arrived in ways you could never imagine and look what your faith and vast faithfulness and broad but intentional experiences have served and prepared you for what is playing out in front of you now. I love you. Best of everything always, my dear friend and prayer partner.

P B – Congratulations! That is fantastic!!!! When do you move to Louisville?

K J S – Wow, congratulations. So happy for you. Are you moving?

H C – Lovely press release. Did they interview you? Again how exciting!

K J – WAHOO!  You must be glowing. I am so happy for you  I think you will be very busy and loving your new job.  Seems God has been listening and watching you all along. Best wishes always my friend,

M A – Thanks so much Anita. I am so happy for you. Let’s keep in touch!

J D – Praise God from whom all blessings flow! You will knock it out of the park – I’m so happy for you!!!

C W – Thanks for sharing. You will be wonderful at this. It is right up your alley!
I just read an email this morning from … about your new adventure. How exciting.
I appreciate you crediting me with a role in this, but you are a gifted, creative and intelligent woman who will make a wonderful librarian on your own. Happy to walk with you these last few years as we served PW and continue to do so. I’ll have to come visit you at LPTS once you get settled. Thinking of you as you prepare to make the move. Hope you and your family have great holidays.

S C – Thats awesome Anita! Congrats on the new position!

B D – Congratulations! This seems to be a great professional fit for you! I know how you have been searching over the past years to find such. Does this mean you will be leaving California for Louisville? If so we will miss your presence in our OC community. You have contributed so much in recent times to the homelessness issues. Thank you for all you do and who you are. I certainly am better for knowing you!

J D – I am so happy for you. Blessings on you and your new journey.

C M – Congratulations, Anita! Have you moved to Kentucky? I moved to Carpinteria to be nearly to my mother and daughter. Thank you for letting me know about this. I hope you enjoy it. 

A K – I believe that means you are moving to Kentucky.Will be sorry to see you go.God Be with you, Congratulations Anita, Congratulations.We are very happy for you.

H M – Clearly you have answered your calling and if this will bring you the joy and happiness we all seek, enjoy this new journey. We will miss your presence at Rotary and I am personally disappointed as I was looking forward to your contributions during my year as President. You will be missed. Thanks for keeping us informed and stay in touch.

S K – Gotcha. Thanks and Congratulations. Great talking to you earlier. Will do again asap.

W W – WOW! I guess you got God’s attention for your “dream job/work!!!” I’d guess that you will be doing much of you work on line but then maybe not??? As your time allows, please fill me in…Hope all is well on the home front…

L K – Congrats Anita! Does this mean that you will be relocating to Kentucky?

M C – Congratulations!

E J – Congratulations Anita,I am so proud of you I can hardly contain myself.   I know that you will leave your mark there. I passed this email to Susan Jackson Dowd.    I think I will be in Louisville in February with my husband who has a board meeting.

A S – Excellent Anita.  So happy for you and the Louisville community whom you will be serving. So proud of your achievements. We have the next generation interested in books too. Your hunger to read and your photographic memory are etched in my heart from my childhood !!!! Grace and Peace to you

M Y – I am so proud of you!!!

Uncle R – Heartiest congratulations dear Anitta. May God bless you and guide you  Love,

D K – Awesome Anita. Congratulations and blessings on you and your new adventure. Will let Patty know.  

R R – Congratulations on accepting this new administrative and leadership position!  Thank you for sharing this very good news. Please keep in touch and I’ll look forward to hearing about your new adventures in Kentucky.

D M – Wow, congratulations! Are you moving there, or “commuting/remote”? Whichever the case, my good wishes and prayers are with you.

R S – Congratulations! I couldn’t be happier for you and for God’s kingdom work through our beloved church.   I thank you again for your efforts to promote my book. (I’m working on a new and hopefully better devotional book as my third literary production…toward the goal of integration (of psych. and spirituality) which I believe is sorely needed.   My only regret is that I will miss seeing you around these parts.   God speed!!

J L – What great news, Anita! Congratulations. Although I’m not based in Louisville (I live and work in NYC and, sometimes, CA), perhaps you’ll encounter some of the Presby publishing staff in town!

Anita – I have arrived :). Faith and profession reconciled in a divine call. I am mindful of all you do for me and grateful to you. Thank you. Peace,

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