Healthy Clergy Make Healthy Congregations

“I don’t have much on my bucket list at this time, but one item is to actually meet you in person sometime.” Steve wrote when I responded to his invitation to enjoy some of his books for free. Steve and I have been serving on the Board of Directors of the Presbyterian Writers Guild for many years. I’ve benefited from his mentoring of my parable writing, especially, but we have never met.

Now, on behalf of Stephen P. McCutchan, I am delighted to be able to share with you his generous invitation and free gifts of Healthy Clergy Make Healthy Congregations, a series of nine ebooks, that you can download to your kindle on September 3. This thanksgiving gift is a beautiful memorial to his late wife, Sandy. Details from Steve follow below.



That would have been my fifty-fourth anniversary. My wife, Sandy, who passed away this past November 30th, in addition to being my faithful companion, was also the chief editor of all my books. This includes the nine-volume series, Healthy Clergy Make Healthy Congregations. I’ve decided that in celebration of the fifty-three years we spent together and in thanksgiving for all she contributed to me, I’m going to GIVE AWAY ALL NINE VOLUMES of the HCMHC series on that day.

If you love the church and care for the clergy who serve the church, you can receive for free the most comprehensive series available of books on how to promote clergy health. If you want to thank me for them, it will be a real thanksgiving if you will use all your social media and personal contacts to share the links so that others can also benefit. There can be no greater memorial to my wife than knowing that together we have made a significant contribution to the health of the church and God’s faithful servants that serve them.

  1. A Company of Pastors (Vol 1)
  2. God Laughs, Why Don’t You (Vol 2)
  3. An Interim Pastor’s Gift (Vol 3)
  4. Clergy Physical Health (Vol 4)
  5. Clergy Emotional Health (Vol 5)
  6. Clergy Family Health (Vol 6)
  7. Clergy Financial Health (vol 7 )
  8. Clergy Spiritual Health (Vol 8)
  9. Clergy Vocational Health (vol 9)
  10. Is There Salvation in the Church

Bonus: Is There Salvation in the Church – – A contemporary guide for training members in how to have comfortable conversations with their “spiritual but not religious” friends.

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