Shifting Information Realities

Dr. Anita Coleman, Faculty Installation, LPTS Spring Convocation

Today, February 4, 2021, at the 167th Spring Convocation, surrounded by love from around the world traveling across the ether of the digital wave, the Board of Trustees of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary installed me as Associate Professor of Bibliography and Research and Director of the E. M. White Library. I also delivered the Convocation address. I chose Romans 12:1-2 and linked that famous passage on a living sacrifice, transformation and renewal to our realities in academic libraries supporting theological education today. Here’s a link to the text of my talk Shifting Information Realities (it is 9 pages long, includes references). Video recording of the talk (~26 mins) is below. To watch the entire Spring Convocation worship, a little under 1 hr, please visit (you don’t need a FB account to watch). Thank you.

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