Louisville Seminary Presentation (2019)

I grew up in a world without race

Presentation on The Anti-racism Digital Library and the International Anti-racism Thesaurus, 7 Oct. 2019, is available here / via direct url: https://sacred.omeka.net/items/show/252. Some of my goals, assumptions, and values, shared in the presentation slides are excerpted and highlighted below.

Libraries are always inclusive, they are never exclusive. – Cynthia Hurd. Coleman. 2019. The Anti-racism Digital Library and the International Anti-racism Thesaurus.

Open Access Repository for Anti-racism / Business Model (non-profit)

  1. Using the PC(USA) collection model become the one-stop anti-racism digital library for mainline denominations – Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, etc.
    1. Access: Create a sign-on and put selective resources behind it for paid access, so not everything is freely, openly available.
    2. Basic (System): Add registration and donation buttons to get a better idea of who is actually using the library and start building a user list.
  2. Collaborators and Partners
  3. Course / Curriculum / Research / Publishing
    1. Create a basic/video course that people can take online: How to Use the ADL.
    2. Maximize the theological piece of “anti-racism” in the Glossary.
    3. Offer free public webinars and create a curriculum around it; i.e. invite learners for webinar, record it, then archive and so on… link from the webinar to more materials for in-person workshops, seminars, or one-on-one coaching.
    4. Add quality videos (e.g. Tim Wise, DeCoded, Tedx, etc.).
    5. Open submissions / student publishing / on demand publishing / projects.

E.M. White Library

  • In the age of increasing information resources and decreasing purchasing power, some decision issues:
    • Digital information management
    • Costs of electronic resources, databases
    • Technology blurs services and resources
    • Should library buy print, online, or both?
    • Hidden Costs of ‘free’ Internet resources
    • Diverse formats – DVDs, VCRs are ok; but not enough streaming video in Religion & Theology
    • Demand-driven acquisition – create a catalog entry for item but purchase only when clicked
  • Open Source Software
    • Library – Koha, Omeka, SubjectsPlus
    • Online Learning / LMS – Moodle
  • Open Access
    • Open Educational Resources /Textbook Justice
      • Open Bibliographies
      • Open Syllabi
      • Open Textbooks

I distinguish between anti-racism education, i.e. study and teaching vs. training. I am interested in anti-racism education. I grew up in a country without race (it has other hierarchies and oppression, marginalization) and with a strong belief in the imago Dei. I want to increase awareness and understanding of global anti-racism.

Published by Anita

Anita Coleman joined Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s faculty as Associate Professor of Bibliography and Research and Director of the the Ernest Miller White Library in January 2020. Anita is passionate about the power of libraries to liberate and give life.