Louisville Seminary Presentation (2019)

I grew up in a world without race

Presentation on The Anti-racism Digital Library and the International Anti-racism Thesaurus, 7 Oct. 2019, is available here / via direct url: https://sacred.omeka.net/items/show/252. Some of my goals, assumptions, and values, shared in the presentation slides are excerpted and highlighted below.

Libraries are always inclusive, they are never exclusive. – Cynthia Hurd. Coleman. 2019. The Anti-racism Digital Library and the International Anti-racism Thesaurus.

Open Access Repository for Anti-racism / Business Model (non-profit)

  1. Using the PC(USA) collection model become the one-stop anti-racism digital library for mainline denominations – Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, etc.
    1. Access: Create a sign-on and put selective resources behind it for paid access, so not everything is freely, openly available.
    2. Basic (System): Add registration and donation buttons to get a better idea of who is actually using the library and start building a user list.
  2. Collaborators and Partners
  3. Course / Curriculum / Research / Publishing
    1. Create a basic/video course that people can take online: How to Use the ADL.
    2. Maximize the theological piece of “anti-racism” in the Glossary.
    3. Offer free public webinars and create a curriculum around it; i.e. invite learners for webinar, record it, then archive and so on… link from the webinar to more materials for in-person workshops, seminars, or one-on-one coaching.
    4. Add quality videos (e.g. Tim Wise, DeCoded, Tedx, etc.).
    5. Open submissions / student publishing / on demand publishing / projects.

E.M. White Library

  • In the age of increasing information resources and decreasing purchasing power, some decision issues:
    • Digital information management
    • Costs of electronic resources, databases
    • Technology blurs services and resources
    • Should library buy print, online, or both?
    • Hidden Costs of ‘free’ Internet resources
    • Diverse formats – DVDs, VCRs are ok; but not enough streaming video in Religion & Theology
    • Demand-driven acquisition – create a catalog entry for item but purchase only when clicked
  • Open Source Software
    • Library – Koha, Omeka, SubjectsPlus
    • Online Learning / LMS – Moodle
  • Open Access
    • Open Educational Resources /Textbook Justice
      • Open Bibliographies
      • Open Syllabi
      • Open Textbooks

I distinguish between anti-racism education, i.e. study and teaching vs. training. I am interested in anti-racism education. I grew up in a country without race (it has other hierarchies and oppression, marginalization) and with a strong belief in the imago Dei. I want to increase awareness and understanding of global anti-racism.

Published by Dr. Anita Coleman

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